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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Computer Hardware

Computer hardware encompasses not only larger equipment, such as, inkjet or laser printers, but also switches, connectors, adapters, portable hard drives, ergonomic keyboards, widescreen monitors, compact flash cards, calcpads, webcams and dongles.  If the customer preference is for a specific technology manufacturers brand, London and Counties Office Supplies sources products from Verbatim, Hewlett Packard, Canon, Brother, Sony, Logitech, Imation and Microsoft.


Whether the requirement is for a multi-function machine or a stand alone, printer, fax or scanner, London and Counties has the equipment to meet all budgets and specifications.  Brother also offer an opportunity to upgrade their machine warranty cover for up to three years, that includes the service agreement for parts and labour.

Data Storage Modules

For convenient storage of information memory cards and sticks are available in a number of capacities and formats.  It is important to select the correct memory module to suit the equipment as some are manufactured specifically for high speed recording, for example photographic equipment, rather than general digital recording cards and stick used by mobile phones, mp3/4 players or PDAs.

USB sticks or flash drives offer a portable solution to storing and working on data on various computers and like memory cards are available in a range of capacities. The Integral Crypto Drive is one of the most secure, encrypted USB flash drives available and is idea for secure data that cannot be accessed or removed with the high strength password.  In addition, the flash drive has a steel inner cased and rubberized outer casing to protect the data if it is dropped or subjected to tampering attempts.

London and Counties Office Supplies is the one stop shop for computer hardware, software or accessories.  Products are chosen for their highest level of quality and performance standards ensuring that customers can have confidence in their chosen hardware.

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