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Monday, September 20, 2021

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Janitorial Supplies

Many workers never consider the cleanliness of the facilities provided at work as often their work stations and office areas are cleaned for them.  However, a recent study showed that 80% of infections are transmitted through the workplace and with the cost of absenteeism due to sickness rising janitorial supplies are as important as every day office items such as paperclips and pens. 

London and Counties Office Supplies distributes products from reputable janitorial suppliers such as Kimberly Clark, Maxima and Lotus.  This enables customers to ensure that their working environment not only looks clean, but also reduce the risk of cross contamination amongst staff.

Tips to help keep a healthy desk area:

  •  Thoroughly wash up mugs and glasses in hot soapy water after each use
  •  At least once a week wipe your work surfaces and chair with a disinfecting wipe
  •  Consider eating away from the desk as this encourages bacteria growth

 Washroom Supplies

According to the European Centre for Disease Control to prevent illness the most important thing to do is to wash hands regularly.  The most hygienic drying method is by using a paper hand towel which can reduce bacteria by up to 77% and complimented by the use of desk top hand sanitizers can significantly reduce sick absence.  London and Counties has a number of hand cleanser, paper hand towel, toilet tissue and air freshener dispensers and consumables in stock.  A full survey of office washrooms can be arranged to assess the most suitable and cost effective system for the office.  Toilet rolls, hand towels, soaps and air freshener sprays are supplied in both small pack sizes and bulk cartons.

Cleaning Products and Equipment

Cleaning products and equipment for all different workplace purposes - detergents, bleaches, powders, anti-bacterial, polishes, protective gloves, cloths, mops and brooms are all available from London and Counties.  For the "green" office the Ecover range of environmentally friendly products carry the EU eco label including the chamomile and marigold plant based washing up liquid.

Waste Consumables

Whatever the use or size, London and Counties Office Supplies has waste sacks and refuse bins to meet all janitorial needs and are available for 24 hour delivery.

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