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Monday, September 20, 2021

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Office Environment

Studies have shown that work performance is affected by environmental factors in a worker's personal space.  London and Counties Office Supplies make it easy for their customers to create comfortable and productive offices, as well as ensure a healthy workplace, with office environment focused product ranges.

Temperature Control

Individual preferences and type of activity will dictate how cold or hot a workplace is, but the Health and Safety Executive guidelines are that the temperature should not go below 16° in offices and adequate ventilation should be provided where necessary.  London and Counties supply mobile air conditioners and de-humidifiers, desk top and pedestal fans, that help maintain the appropriate temperature, whatever the weather outside and even the thermometer to measure it.


Lighting should be appropriate for the needs of the work, with performance affected if the lights are too dim or too bright.  A harsh, badly lit work space can also lead to headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision which may lead to loss of working hours.  Task lighting at workstations delivers individually controlled lighting and uplighters with dimmer switches create a softer lighting effect.  To save energy and reduce costs select the appropriate energy efficient bulb from the London and Counties Office Supplies catalogue.


Good posture is essential when sitting at a desk and it is recommended that footrests should be used by workers who cannot place their feet flat on the floor after adjusting their computer screen to correct height.  The own brand unique adjustable footrest is ergonomically designed for comfort and support with a textured platform to massage tired feet.

Green Environment

A clean and tidy office environment with adequate waste bins is essential for health and safety within the workplace.  London and Counties provide bins to accommodate all types of waste recycling including, toner cartridges, cans and vending cups to help customers achieve good environmental practices.

Leading manufacturer Rubbermaid has bins with colour-coded lids to identify general (yellow), bottle (green) and paper (blue) waste.  For areas with a high volume of paper waste, such as, copier and computer rooms, warehouses and graphic studios, Acorn manufacturer a large 160 litre capacity bin manufactured from 90% recycled material.

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