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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Adhesives and Tapes

Whether it is to repair a torn page in a book, display a notice temporarily on a wall, or securely seal a carton, London and Counties Office Supplies has the right product in its range of adhesives and tapes.  It is important to use the correct type of adhesive for its use to achieve optimum performance and London and Counties Office Supplies recommends adhesives and tapes  manufactured from polypropolene or cellulose for a more environmentally friendly product.


Clear office tape, often known by the leading brand "Sellotape",  is the most commonly used transparent tape for securing envelopes, repairing everyday paper tears, etc.  Generally available in two core sizes, 19mm and 33mm, to fit into desk top tape dispensers available in the London and Counties office stationery category.

Invisible, write or type on tape, often known as Scotch Magic Tape, is essential when using on photocopied documents as it will not leave ghost marks when copied and is not affected by sunlight, temperature or moisture.

Permanent or repositional glue is available in a variety of formats, easy to use sticks, tape on a roll, foam pad fixers and dots, sheets of mastic, such as Blu Tack and tubes.

Warehouse and Mailroom

Packing tape is clear or buff and used for sealing cartons.  Manufactured either in polypropylene or vinyl, to deliver strong bond and waterproof properties.  Sellotape produce a premium quality case sealing tape for fastening boxes of up to 18kg in weight.

When a heavy duty, strong product is needed, Unibond duct tape is a cloth waterproof adhesive for both indoor and outdoor use.  It will adhere to most surfaces in a warehouse including concrete, metal and wood, crucially it is temperature resistant 0°-70°C.


Design studios require masking tape made from strong impregnated crepe paper with an adhesive that will not leave a residue if removed within a limited time and drafting tape, with a low tac adhesive, for fastening drawings and plans to boards.

Printed tape

London and Counties Office Supplies has a number of specialist overprinted tapes in the adhesives and tapes range.  Standard text such as, "Fragile", "Contents Checked", "Quarantine", "Handle with Care" as well as multi-coloured hazard and barrier tape are delivered in 24 hours.

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