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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Office Supplies Company - London and Counties Office Supplies

Artists and Graphics Supplies

London and Counties Office Supplies provide you with the best possible solutions in the specialist area of Artists and Graphic Supplies.  This category includes established suppliers such as Rotring, Derwent, Linex and Swordfish as well as, unique, cost saving compatible products.  

Technical Pens and Pencils

Draughtsmen need the high quality precision of technical pens and replacement nibs supplied by the Rotring Rapidograph and Isograph drafting pens.  Designers have the choice of the variety of Derwent grey graphite fine art pencils in an extensive range of degrees from 9B to 4H suitable for drawing, writing and sketching and the variety of colours and effects achieved when using the Lakeland colour pencils.

Cutting Mats, Knives and Scalpels

Cutting mats are an essential piece of equipment in all design and graphic studios as they protect the work surface and prevent damage to the blade.  Linex self-healing, cutting mats are made from a material that re-closes after each cut and as they have one hard layer between two soft layers, can be used both side.

The type of cutting tool depends on the required appearance of the finished article.  For light and heavy duty cutting of boards, a stainless steel cutter with snap off blades will perform adequately.  A metal scalpel with a blade made from surgical steel will give a clean, neat accurate cut.  The size of blade will depend upon the precision of the work.

Drawing Aids

Included in the Artists and Graphics section are metal compasses, protractors, set squares, technical rulers, stencil sets and line aids and a variety of templates of letters, numbers, home furniture and electrical symbols.  Linex Nature is a range of bio-degradeable geometry sets made of transparent corn starch for the environmentally conscious office.

Cutting and Trimming Equipment

To create a professonal finish and save time use a guillotine, trimmer or cutter.  Contact your account manager for advice on the correct machine for your needs as there are various options on cut lengths and quality, mat sizes, interchangeable blades and markings.

Plan Storage

London and Counties stocks the Arnos Hang-A-Plan filing system widely used by architects, engineers, surveyors and building contractors.  The system is easy to use and is designed to accommodate different sizes, capacity and cost.  A number of Hang-A-Plan consumables, such as the binders and mounts, can be located in the Artists and Graphics section of the London and Counties Office Supplies catalogue.

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