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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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With over 650 types of envelope in stock available for guaranteed next day delivery London and Counties Office Supplies can fulfil all their customer envelope needs for standard, machine, padded bags, protective and specialist.


When selecting the size of envelope allow an additional ¼" both height and width of the document being mailed for ease of insertion and minimise excess space, to reduce the possibility of damage to the enclosure. The most commonly used commercial envelope sizes are DL (110mm x 220mm), C6 (114mm x 162mm), C5 (229mm x 162mm) and C4 (324mm x 229mm).


Generally business envelopes are manufactured using either manilla (buff) or white paper in two styles.  Wallet / banker with the opening on the long flap, or pocket with the flap on the short side.  The side of opening will be indicated by the second number of the measurement.


The most economical seal type for envelopes is gummed, with the glue made from a synthetic based or dextrin based adhesive.  Twin gummed envelopes simply have double the amount of adhesive for a stronger seal.  Self seal envelopes have two strips of adhesive and when pressed together form a bond.  A premium option is the peel and seal, generally used on thicker, heavier weight envelopes, these have a release tape covering the adhesive area.

Envelope Weights

Using the correct weight of envelope is essential to ensure that the items are received in good condition in the most cost effective way.

75-80gsm         Lightweight every day mailing

90gsm              General weight for heavier documents

100gsm            Medium weight, generally used for business mail

110- 120gsm  Heavy weight for corporate and prestigious mailings

125gsm            Ideal for bulky items

Packaging Envelopes

To ensure mailings arrive in pristine condition use a padded bag or "Jiffy", which has a fixed inner bag of air bubbles, or other material, to protect its contents. For a packaging envelope that is virtually indestructible choose from the extensive Tyvek range which easily withstands the most difficult of conditions.

London and Counties has identified that it is possible to achieve significant cost savings on mailings by ensuring that customers use the most appropriate envelope specification taking into account, size, style, seal and weight. 

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