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Monday, September 20, 2021

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Files, Pockets and Binders

The utopia of the paperless office is a long time in the future so for now It is crucial to have a document management system for all your office papers to make them easy to retrieve, store and use on the move.  The Advantia buying group own brand unique delivers fit for purpose, best value filing and storage products.  Well known brands, including Eastlight, Twinlock, Concord and Bantex, offer filing products with additional useful features and options.

Files and Binders

London and Counties offer a number of methods of keeping papers in order and easy to find in a multitude of colours to accommodate subject categorisation.  Use a simple square cut plain folder, or document wallet, ideal for small amounts of paperwork and often used in suspension or lateral filing, or for easy insertion, re-arranging or removal of papers, a spiral transfer file with a metal spring mechanism that acts as a sorting ring. 

The decision on which type of binder to use will depend on the intended use and preference for a ring binder or lever arch file.  Both types have many sizes and colour-ways to co-ordinate with office interiors, or corporate styles, but the lever arch file has the greater storage capacity and its lockspring mechanism makes it an easier binder to retrieve papers.

Dividers and Indexes

Dividers help to identify the contents of files and binders and are available in a number of multi-part sets either punched or unpunched for use with a binding machine.  For a more professional looking file the Avery Indexmaker system will produce a bespoke divider directly from a PC.


Mulit-punched pockets are one of the top 10 office products, generally made from polypropylene or PVC. Pockets are used either for presentation or organization purposes, for an enviro friendly product Sseco produce a pocket that biodegrades in 8-12 months.  To securely store loose papers, brochures, dvds, etc. Rexel produce a range of pockets with gussets, zip and popper wallet pockets.  Remember to use an oversize divider when using pockets or the tabs will not show on the right hand side of the file.

Archival Storage

For practical or legal reasons documents it is necessary for a business to retain some of its documents for a number of years.  Archival storage boxes will keep a number of files, pockets and binders organized and secure.  Depending on the quality of the box these can be stacked from 4 to 6 high. 

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