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Monday, September 20, 2021

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When printing a label it is important to use the right type of label as some adhesives used will melt causing damage to printers or copiers.  London and Counties Office Supplies has over 600 labels in stock in different sizes, colours, shapes and adhesives, from the useful typist address label to the innovative self laminating, signage labels.


The most common use of labels is for mailing documents and parcels.  Microsoft Word has templates for the easy production of a single or multiple address labels and use Avery product reference and sizes as a guide.  Avery also offer their own templates and design and print software for download free of charge.  The cost competitive unique range of self-adhesive labels for printers, inkjet or laser and copiers are available from the London and Counties catalogue, all with strong adhesive for use in envelope or parcel mailing.

A cost and time saving label used by many efficient dispatch departments is the Avery 2 in 1 Block Out Shipping label.  The single sheet comprises of half label and half paper for printing the shipping label and consignment document in one go.  Useful for using old packaging material, perhaps for use by a customer for returning a product, as the shipping label hides old text and labels.


To keep files and folders in good condition and make it easy to recycle binders and folders, use self-adhesive labels rather than ink to mark them up.  Lever Arch spine labels quickly transform untidy looking binders and prolong the longevity of the file.

Security labels protect your assets and prevent interference with property as any attempt at tampering is immediately obvious.  Use for asset numbering, security and safety labeling.  These labels are extremely hardwearing being oil, dirt, UV and temperature resistant, waterproof and tearproof.

For temporary labeling, Post It produce a roll of tape, in various widths, with the same repositional adhesive as their notes.  It is also useful for blocking out print when copying information without leaving a mark on the original document.


Specialist labels to personalize media, are a convenient, easy way of presenting a professional image when submitting CDs or DVDs to clients.

Contact London and Counties Office Supplies customer service who can arrange a sample of any of the specialist labels, plus provide information on the bespoke, label overprinting service.

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