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Monday, September 20, 2021

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Pens, Pencils and Writing Supplies

Writing instrument technology has improved over the past years and manufacturers such as Pilot, Pentel and Bic have invested in aiming to keep themselves ahead in this highly competitive office product category.  Many of the latest office pens have ergonomic comfort grips, are made from recycled materials and have improved inks for smoother writing.  By contrast, the office pencil design remains constant except that Remarkable have introduced an environmentally friendly pencil made from recycled vending cups and CD cases.

Office Pens

London and Counties Office Supplies has 900 office pens to accommodate a variety of uses and preferences.  The most frequently used office pen is the ball pen, often know by its generic name of ‘Bic'.  Ball pens are capable of writing on most surfaces and are known for lasting a long time.  The own brand, unique alternative, best value ball point pen, delivers clean smooth writing for up to 2000 metres.

Rollerball pen uses a water based ink with either a cone tip which gives a hardwearing writing point or a needlepoint which makes the ink flow smoother and the tip is so fine it can be used for highly detailed work.  Gel ink pens also use a ball to manage the flow of ink, but a thicker ink which produces darker writing as there is more ink on a page.  Fineline pens are often used by architects, surveyors and designers who need to use a precision writing instrument for plans and stenciling.

Office Pencils

Pencils are graded according to the image they leave on the paper, from dark/soft 6B to sharp/light 4H.  The standard office pencil uses the lead grade of HB, hard and black. Mechanical pencils are refillable with leads of line widths:  fine 0.4mm to a thick 5mm. The Papermate Non-Stop pencil combines both types of pencil in one by using a continuous lead and uses a simple twist action to release the lead.


Marker pens and highlighters have a tip shaped either chisel or bullet.  The chisel tip enables the use to draw both a thin and fat line, whereas the bullet tip is more suitable for writing letters and numbers giving a consistent line.  There are marker pens available for a multitude of office and graphic uses - Highlighters, Permanent , Dry Wipe, Water based, Flipchart markers and specialist China Wax and Chalk markers.

London and Counties has office pens and office pencils "right" for every occasion.

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